100% Erased With Blancco

Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments. This fully automated and centrally managed erasure solution offers cutting-edge efficiency and productivity. The most advanced data erasure solution on the market, meets your most complex needs managing multiple data storage devices.

100% secure erasure with Blancco 5

Ontrack offers 100% data sanitization of your PCs, laptops, servers, data center equipment, enclosures and other large storage units with Blancco 5. Most applications only erase the index but with Blancco 5 you overwrite all traces of information, thus making data reconstruction impossible.

To enquire about purchasing Blancco 5 for your organisation today, contact us on +852 3704 86881.

Reports support reuse

In addition to the erasure process, this eraser software also generates comprehensive reports to prove successful erasure. These tamper-proof and verifiable reports are an essential part of regulatory, compliance and legal auditing requirements. They provide critical information for the auditing process, such as:

  • Condition of the hardware
  • Relevant serial numbers and asset tags
  • How and by whom the erasure was done

Extensive hardware support

The software has been developed in close partnership with the world’s leading hardware and software OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Blancco 5’s extensive hardware support includes pass-through and dismantling for RAID arrays. We offer extensive hardware support – from PCs and laptops to servers, data center equipment and other large storage units – to further enhance the data erasure process.

Cutting edge efficiency & productivity

This advanced software’s ability to erase multiple hard drives simultaneously at high speed contributes to an extremely efficient and cost-effective process. The erasure process is fully automated and is the fastest in the industry. It generates speed and efficiency by:

  • Taking advantage of the full write speed capacity of your hardware
  • Simultaneously erasing multiple hard drives (up to hundreds at a time)
  • Fully customizing the data erasure process to each customer’s unique business needs
  • Offering regular product and driver updates to maximize security, erasure speed and efficiency