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Consolidate and Migrate Mircosoft Exchange Servers with Ease

Data Managment Migration and Consolidation

Migration and Consolidation

Migrating and consolidating email within Exchange Server environments or changing the configuration of network architecture can consume time and resources from Exchange administrators.

Ontrack PowerControls saves you time, money and effort because IT administrators can copy offline mailboxes to a new server to assist with the Exchange migration.

Exchange Mailbox Migration

When an Exchange server is taken out of service, the Ontrack PowerControls Mailbox Creation Wizard can fully automate the copying of mailbox data contained in an unmounted Exchange Database (EDB) file to a different Exchange server on the network. It allows the complete merging of all mailboxes into a single Information Store without having to bring the old server online in the new network configuration.

Systems tools and other migration solutions require old and new servers to be online in order to perform the migration. Ontrack PowerControls eliminates this requirement.

Data Managment Exchange Mailbox Migration

Data Managment Consolidation Of Exchange Servers

Consolidation of Exchange Servers

Exchange Server consolidation presents an opportunity to save time and hardware resources by reducing the number of servers and amount of data stored on these servers. With Ontrack PowerControls you can streamline your consolidation process and eliminate the need for additional hardware, legacy systems and resources to manage the consolidation process. Simply use Ontrack PowerControls to access all your Exchange data.