Consolidate and Migrate Microsoft Exchange Servers with Ease

Migration from Sharepoint Sites

Migration of SharePoint Sites

The successful implementation of SharePoint as the central platform allows teams to collaborate, exchange documents, and create shared content. The rapid growth of SharePoint platforms often leads to restructuring the original SharePoint setup to accomodate growth and reduce storage cost.

Ontrack PowerControls helps administrators simplify the migration process for SharePoint libraries and content from one site to another site.

Consolidation of SharePoint Sites

Ontrack PowerControls allows you to search individual items or sites directly in any backup. As a result you can quickly extract and export content to a new or different site.

Move items from the SharePoint restore to a new SharePoint destination folder with a simple drag and drop to consolidate to a single site or over multiple sites.

Consolidation of Sharepoint Sites

Sharepoint Data Integrity

Data Integrity in a SharePoint Migration

When working with legal and sensitive documents, it is of great importance that the metadata (original author, date / time of creation, date / time of last modification, etc.) remains unchanged.

Ontrack PowerControls does not change the metadata of the SharePoint source or destination and ensures data integrity by using only read operations on the source files. This allows you to comply with the regulations and expectations for documents in case of litigation or e-discovery.