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Data Recovery - Help! My disk is broken

Can you recover my data?


We can

50 000

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years of experience

Every year we handle approximately 50 000 data loss cases. Data recovery is both our passion and our day-to-day work. Ontrack invented data recovery almost 30 years ago and is Singapore’s leading data recovery company.

Everything we do is about discovering and recovering data. We've created clean rooms, trained our experts and built facilities around the world to support you with any data incident possible. This makes our data recovery process the most successful in the industry.

How do I get my data back?

If you suspect you've lost data, contact us immediately after the data loss incident and stop using your device.

Ontrack streamlines the data recovery process with a four-step course of action designed with you and your data in mind.


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How quickly can you recover my data?

Time is a significant factor in most data loss scenarios. We offer four service options to meet your urgency, budget and security needs.

We can recover data within hours after a data loss!

Data Recovery - Do I have to send storage

What options do you provide?

Our services are tailored to your needs and situation. Take a look at our options.

In case of physical damage your data needs to be recovered in our clean room to give you the highest chance of success. Corrupted data can be recovered remotely via internet with our Remote Data Recovery service.

Please remember - if your device has suffered physical damage, it needs to be recovered in our clean room. Always stop using your device in case of data loss. This will greatly increase your chances of getting your data back.

Service options

Safe Hands

Your Data Recovery is in safe hands

We respect personal and critical data. When you entrust your data to Ontrack, you can know that we'll take every precaution to guard it like our own.

Ontrack is the global pioneer of data recovery, trusted by 50,000 people and businesses in similar situations, including NASA, who trusted Ontrack to recover data from the Columbia Space Shuttle.

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Data Recovery By Experts

Going through a data loss can be a stressful experience - from the moment you realise that your data is gone to the moment you launch your quest to find a data recovery company that will retrieve it successfully.

Choose Data Recovery Experts With Care

A first web search will reveal many companies offering a cheap deal or a promotion like 'no data no fee'. However attractive they might appear, beware of anyone with less than a dust-free, static-free, certified ISO 14644-1 class 5 clean room and the data recovery industry's leading experts at their disposal.

How valuable is the data to you?

For companies it is very easy to post 'show room' pictures or people in full laboratory suits. However, quite a few Singapore data recovery companies send customer drives overseas because they do not have the proper facilities and capabilities to perform the recovery themselves. For you this means additional data security risks, longer waiting times and cost. Moreover, these factors will ultimately reduce the chance of getting your data back. As a general rule, consider the value of your data before you put it is someone else’s hands (or shed).

If you are not sure about your provider, call us for a second opinion: +852 3704 8688.

It's things like poor data storage, media-handling procedures, shortcuts on staff training, ill-equipped laboratory facilities that can often lead to expensive consequences. These migth be hidden extras, phoney data recovery success rate numbers, and ultimately a data storage media that cannot be recovered.

Clean Room

Data Loss: One Good Chance for Recovery

In our almost 30 years of experience of data recovery at Ontrack, we have found that in most data loss cases there is only one best chance at a successful data recovery attempt: the first chance.

This certainly is highlighted by the fact that 1 in 10 of all drives we receive has been opened by other companies with no success, and in many cases we still succeed in recovering some data. We are certain that so much more can be achieved if the drive is ours the first time around.

Hard Drive

Many of the parts inside a hard disk drive are delicate. For example, read/write heads can sit less than four nanometres above a hard disk drive platter – (to put this in perspective, a speck of dust can be around 10,000nm in diameter), and this small amount of clearance means that even a smoke particle, a fingerprint or a speck of dust can cause the head surface to make contact with the hard drive platter. This can lead to a hard drive crash and potentially unrecoverable data. This is why it so often astounds the Ontrack Data Recovery engineers that customers choose lower quality alternatives to professional data recovery companies, often leading to additional hardware damage, causing the data on the storage media to be irretrievable.

We are here to help now

Ontrack accommodate everyone – with multiple RAID arrays supporting NAS systems or SAN systems in internal networks or virtualised server environments. From the largest government or enterprise organisation to your home office or an individual consumer who may have lost digital photos or study assignments.

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