SQL Server Data File Recovery

Ontrack® PowerControls™ restores Microsoft® SQL Server® tables without having to restore the entire database – think of the time savings!

With this software you can:

  • Restore just the table you need - not the entire database
  • Preview table content prior to restoration
  • Drag and drop copied tables directly to the desired environment
  • Spend minutes restoring versus hours or days
  • Achieve an ROI well beyond the cost of the tool
  • Supports Snapshots or native SQL backups

The Bottom Line

The training and deployment costs saved by utilizing Ontrack PowerControls to conduct search, recovery and restoration will yield an ROI well beyond the cost of the tool itself. With this SQL Server Data File Recovery tool, businesses can reduce downtime, effectively saving thousands of dollars per hour, plus address daily table restore requests without compromising work on planned business initiatives.