Avoid Data Breaches with Data Erasure

Data Erasure Solutions

Data erasure is not just an "end-of-lifecycle" need but a continuous challenge that requires managing IT assets – and data – at every interval throughout their lifecycles.

Singapore businesses must secure sensitive data and equipment during various lifecycle transitions to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Data Erasure Solutions

Cyber Security Threat

Avoid security threats with data erasure

When sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to loss of business, property or reputation, and even lead to civil and criminal liability.

Removing all traces of information stored on targeted media can be critical for data security. Furthermore, regulatory requirements for data protection and customer privacy demand complete and well documented data removal.

The Data Erasure Management Solution

To balance cost-effectiveness, efficiency and the security requirements associated with ever increasing amounts of data, your organisation needs a centralised and professional solution for Data Erasure Management (DEM). The Erase Management Console is a unique solution that allows for complete online management of the data erasure process to help create a secure and efficient overall DEM process.
Data Erasure Managment

Fully Certified Data Erasure

Ontrack and Blancco solutions combined are proven by a wide range of national and international third- party approvals, certifications and recommendations – the most in the industry.
  • NATO – The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  • NSTL – National Security Testing Labv
  • TUV – Rheinland
  • CESG – Communications Electronic Security Group
  • INFOSEC – The Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group of the UK
  • AIVD – Netherlands National Communication Security Agency
  • NSM – The Norwegian National Security Authority
  • ABW – The Polish Internal Security Agency
  • RITEA – Blancco is certified by Japan’s Refurbished information Technology Equipment Association
  • Ontrack provides data erasure software, hardware and verification services to ensure that your end-of-life data is erased securely and cost-effectively. Our offer is the most complete end to end solution for erasing all of your organization’s IT assets, including PCs and laptops, servers and storage environments, LUNs, Virtual Drives, Virtual Machines, smartphones and tablets, flash media devices and even individual files and folders. Our solution is built on Ontrack’s expertise in data recovery and erasing hardware and services, combined with the market leading eraser software solutions from Blancco.

    • Eraser Software: A high speed, efficient and flexible total erasure solution for PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments that enables safe disposal and reuse.
    • Mobile Erase: Secure mass erasure of Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets.
    • Flash Erase: Erase flash media storage devices stored within smartphones, tablets, network routers, and cameras etc.
    • File Erase: Erase files and folders on active PCs, servers and virtual machines to prevent data breech.
    • LUN Erase: Centrally erase logical drives like LUNs and virtual machines in an active storage environment.
    • Erase Management Console: Blancco Management Console is designed to help manage IT asset disposal processes, including erasure software distribution, hardware asset management, and erasure reporting for auditing purposes.
    • Erase Toolkit: Blancco Toolkit is an easy, light and portable solution for your on-the-go data erasure needs. Its carbon fiber-style casing makes it a smart and professional tool that is perfect for both onsite and offsite erasure.
    • Ontrack Eraser Degausser 3.0: Hardware-based do-it-yourself (DIY) hardware erasure solution for large volumes of damaged or end-of-life devices.
    • Ontrack Eraser Services: Our data specialists can wipe the data from your storage media and provide certification of the erasure. Additionally, we can dispose of the media for you after the erasure in an environmentally-friendly manner.
    • Ontrack Erasure Verification Services: Submit your erased drives for an independent evaluation and verification that no information can be found, even by an expert.