Rescue Email with File Recovery Software

There’s so much critical information flying around cyberspace, travelling from computer to computer through emails. They are the basis of much of our communication and often the means by which businesses are run or customers reached.

Regardless of how important email is, it’s too easy to accidently click delete on the message that you really needed to keep a record of. Whether it contained sensitive information, financial details, documents or anything in between, loosing emails can be stressful and very frustrating.

Fortunately with advances in file recovery technology it’s often possible to recover those emails you’ve deleted. Thanks to the caches kept by email clients, and how data is stored on a hard disk, often your emails aren’t lost forever.

There are a couple of factors that can affect the process of deleted email recovery. Namely the email technology you use, why emails have been lost and the tools used to recover them. Like file recovery, if the lost data is highly valuable or sensitive it’s a good idea to engage a data recovery service as soon as possible to assess the situation and prevent any further loss or data corruption.

Microsoft Exchange is a popular email solution within corporations, and fortunately has specialised tools which can facilitate deleted email recovery. Exchange Adminstrators are able to access exchange email databases and recover files to serve their clients. It’s often possible to use a previous, complete email backup to find and restore individual messages to their respective mailbox. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional and Ontrack PowerControls are two professional, effective tools to manage Microsoft Exchange email recovery.

If emails have been lost due to a hardware failure or a crashed Exchange server then the solutions change drastically. Often more traditional file recovery techniques can be employed to retrieve email databases or individual messages. A professional data recovery service has access to specialised resources that allow access to otherwise broken storage systems, and can rescue the sensitive or valuable information in your emails.

Email can also be recovered on Apple systems. There is a range of Apple data recovery techniques, all suited to different Apple products. Ranging from servers to portable solid-state storage used in iPods and iPhones, file recovery can often restore lost data and email databases. If you’re looking for deleted email recovery on an Apple device it’s important to ensure the recovery is performed by an Apple Certified Technician, or your warranty may become void. Ontrack Data Recovery provides professional Apple data recovery services that can retrieve emails and files that were lost to hardware failures or system corruption.

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