Ontrack® Data Recovery services have been specially designed to address the unique needs and challenges of Government offices and agencies with any type of data loss situation.

  • Well-documented procedures for handling sensitive or encrypted data
  • Facilities that meet even U.S. Department of Defense specifications
  • GSA Schedule pricing in the U.S. to simplify the purchase process
  • Team of nearly 200 data recovery engineers to handle very large and very urgent recoveries
  • Engineers with required government clearance to handle sensitive data
  • Security compliant DataEraser software to permanently erase hard drive data prior to disposal

Recognised for Secure Protocol & Procedures

In recognition for its high attention to security, Ontrack Data Recovery services has twice been awarded the James S. Cogswell Award by the U.S Department of Defense. No other data recovery provider has received this recognition.

Choosing a Secure Data Recovery Provider

The security of your data at every point of the recovery process must be the highest priority for data recovery providers. Use these questions below to help evaluate the security practices ofdata recovery providers.

  • Is the provider authorised by private and government entities to handle highly sensitive data?
  • Does the provider have experience working with both domestic and international government offices to perform data recovery services?
  • Does the provider have the ability to recover encrypted data?
  • Does the provider have the ability to return your data in an encrypted form?
  • Is the provider included on the GSA Schedule (U.S.) or other government purchasing schedules? 
  • Does the provider perform employee background checks for anyone that may come into contact with your data?
  • Do the provider’s facilities meet all U.S. Department of Defense specifications?
  • Does the provider have the expertise, technology and documented processes to offercomputer forensics and electronic discovery services?

If your organisation has any special requirements for recovering sensitive data, contact an Ontrack Data Recovery specialist to discuss options that fit your unique security needs.