Mobile Device Recovery

Most mobile phones and mobile devices use flash memory to store data and Ontrack has had excellent success recovering data from flash memory devices.

Ontrack Data Recovery engineers can recover data from flash failures as well as overcome technical challenges that are unique to flash technology. Through it's Ontrack Data Recovery services, Ontrack has developed data reconstruction programs that will identify, separate and reassemble your flash memory so that your files or data will be able to be extracted.

Mobile Device and Memory Card Recovery Services

Ontrack Data Recovery services offer multiple data recovery service options for mobile device and memory card recovery. The list below highlights just a few examples of recoverable data sources:

Smart Phones and Mobile Phones

  • iPhone recovery
  • Samsung Galaxy recovery
  • Android recovery
  • BlackBerry recovery
  • Palm recovery
  • PocketPC/WinCE recovery

Digital Cameras and Digital Players

  • iPod recovery
  • iPad recovery
  • MP3 player recovery
  • Tablet recovery
  • Digital camera recovery

Memory Cards and Flash Drives

  • SD media recovery (mini, micro)
  • SmartMedia recovery
  • xD media recovery
  • Compact flash recovery
  • USB flash drive recovery
  • Memory stick recovery
  • PC cards (PCMCIA) recovery

Mobile Phone Data Recovery FAQ

Answers to some of the most common question regarding data recovery services for mobile phones of all brands, smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone or Google Android based phones), and older PDA/mobile phone types.

Can I recover my phone data with Ontrack EasyRecovery software?

No. DIY recovery efforts may result in changing or otherwise damaging the data. Additionally, if the phone is locked out and it connects with the messaging server, the server may issue a command to overwrite all data to ensure data security.

Can you recover deleted messages sent from a phone?

Deleted messages are usually recoverable. Success will depend on the phone type and how it was used.

Can you recover the photos on my phone?

Missing or deleted photos are usually stored on a flash card (for example, a microSD). Success will depend on the phone type and how it was used before and after the pictures went missing.

Can you recover the documents on my phone?

Missing or deleted documents are usually stored on a flash card (for example, a microSD). In other cases they may be stored on the internal flash memory. Success will depend on the phone type and how it was used before and after the documents went missing.

I just got locked out of my phone - can you recover it?

A lockout affects phones differently depending on the make and model. Some phones require a simple rest, while others need to be protected from receiving wireless contact with the mobile messaging server. Contact Ontrack on +65 6296 5131 for an evaluation. If a lockout has occurred, turn of your phone and remove the battery.

I am ready to send my phone to Ontrack, what should I send to enable the recovery process to start?

The phone, the charger, any flash memory card used in the phone, the SIM card and the USB cable that connects your phone to your computer.

Can I send you my mobile phone without my SIM card?

No. Make sure that the SIM card is in the phone. Some of your data may be on the SIM card.

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