Ontrack® Online™ Information Center

When dealing with data loss, it is natural to feel anxious about when (and if) you will see your data again. Ontrack Data Recovery addresses this concern by providing the Ontrack® Online information center, a secure portal to easily view the status of your recovery, the quality of your recoverable files as well as job details and customer service information.

Other data recovery companies often force you to commit to their recovery service without giving you any idea of the final results or cost. Ontrack Online allows customers to instantly view their recovery status and track the progress of their recovery from beginning to end. Ultimately, you know what the quality of the recovery will be prior to purchasing the service.

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Within the secure portal, customers can view an Ontrack® Online Verifile™ report for each data recovery job to determine if important files can be recovered. Ontrack Verifile reports provide:

  • Complete and searchable listing of recoverable files
  • Clear status condition for each file: good, repairable or partial
  • Comprehensive results typically delivered in 24-48 hours
  • Familiar interface for viewing file and directory information
  • Quick and easy advanced filtering options to drill down and locate the results for a specific file or groups of files based on file type, date range, etc.