Restore E-mail, Mailboxes and Entire Exchange Servers

Data Managment Recover

Recover (Deleted) Emails

Ontrack PowerControls by Ontrack makes email recovery a fast and easy process. It offers a secure and cost-effective alternative to cumbersome brick-level backup.

Whether you need to restore a single, specific email or retrieve an entire week's worth of email messages - Ontrack PowerControls can help.

Mailbox Recovery and Mailbox Restore

With every additional gigabyte or terabyte of email stored, the challenges involved in  maintaining and cost-effectively storing an organisation’s email grow. Whether you manage 50 mailboxes with valuable information or 50,000, the restoration of archived email accounts can be excruciating slow with normal recovery processes.

Ontrack PowerControls with Advanced Find functions allows you to simultaneously search all the mailboxes of an archive. Our technology extracts only those items that fit exact search parameters, saving and eliminating the need to restore an entire backup.

Data Managment Mailbox Recovery

Data Managment Comprehensive Exchange Recovery

Comprehensive Exchange Recovery

Ontrack PowerControls includes a comprehensive set of features to accelerate, facilitate, and automate email recovery and search for Exchange users. Save search results by specific source, pull statistics about the data store and control batch repetitive tasks such as multiple copy. In the case of a serious Exchange Server outage you can use Ontrack PowerControls as a fast and targeted recovery tool to retrieve all emails since your last backup.

Archive Restoration

Due to increased business, legal and regulatory demands, it is required to retain archived emails for business continuity or compliance and litigation inquiries. Whether you have 50 mailboxes or 50,000, restoring archived email can be an overwhelming and expensive task. Ontrack PowerControls addresses the difficulties involved in archive restoration within Microsoft® Exchange Server environments.

Restore Any Backup

Ontrack PowerControls allows you to restore Exchange servers from any previous backup. Easily restore items, including individual mailboxes, attachments, folders, or messages, directly to your production server or PST file for easy access.

Restore Only What You Need

Ontrack PowerControls includes an Advanced Find feature that can search across all mailboxes in an archive rather than searching one mailbox at a time or bringing an old backup online for analysis. Administrators will be able to more quickly respond to internal requests and can simplify the restoration process.

Restore Email From Tape

Slash restoration times and avoid the complexities and hassles of setting up one or more recovery servers to restore tapes. Ontrack PowerControls lets you copy entire mailboxes to another location for later processing and review.

Extend Your Tape Restoration Capabilities

Ontrack PowerControls users can further enhance the product’s capabilities with unique ExtractWizard Agents. ExtractWizard Agents are custom-designed for your specific tape restore needs, extracting and restoring previous online backups to an alternate location other than an Exchange server, eliminating the need for a recovery server.