Simple Search and Recovery of SharePoint Content

Detailed Search Sharepoint

Detailed Search of SharePoint Items

IT administrators encounter many requests to locate, recover or export SharePoint items within the shortest possible time.

Ontrack PowerControls assists administrators in satisfying the need to quickly locate, restore and export SharePoint items.

Easy Drag and Drop

The process of searching, extracting items from your backups and copying them out to your production server can be up to 90 per cent faster with Ontrack PowerControls than with traditional search-and-restore methods. Ontrack PowerContols simplifies copying or exporting SharePoint items or entire sites from a source into a target location with only a drag-and-drop operation with your mouse.

  • Search multiple criteria, such as keywords, subject, date, specific users or data files and attachments.
  • Read directly into (backup) content databases.
  • Restore individual items, folders or complete databases without the need for a recovery server.
Faster Deployment

Ensuring Data Integrity

Restore Data from RBS

By extending the restoration functionality of Ontrack PowerControls to support Metalogix StoragePoint, StorSimple Database Optimizer, and FILESTREAM, IT administrators can locate and granularly restore externalised SharePoint content back to the live SharePoint Server, or to another server or file system, with ease and efficiency.

Ontrack PowerControls will not change the metadata of the SharePoint source or target and maintains data integrity by performing read-only operations on the source files.