Tape Backup Hinders The Modern Business

Business today thrives on data. With such a large percentage of business operations becoming electronic, there is an ever increasing need for data security. Yet we just keep generating more data, and tradition tape backup solutions are no longer cutting it in the modern world.

It's important for a business to take daily backups. But with more data to store, backups windows are now taking over 9 hours on traditional tape media. At what point does this backup window infringe on your business day?

Today there are a plethora of alternatives to tape backups. Ranging from RAID arrays to remote cloud backups, now's the time to upgrade your backup scheme. If you're considering the move, it's worthwhile moving the data stored on your tape media onto your new storage system.

Sounds like a worthwhile idea so you go to copy the tape over, only be met with a flashing error. The tape has been corrupted. Tape backups have high failure rates, ranging from 20% to as high as 50%. They're also very fragile and can suffer from physical damage easily. Tapes can become jammed, or data scrambled by nearby magnets.

Fortunately, tape recovery is often a very straight-forward process. A tape recovery evaluation will be able to establish what is recoverable from your tape backups and provide you with a range of recovery options. As data is an asset, it is worthwhile spending the time undergoing tape recovery and moving your data across on to more secure systems.

Where to Next?

Fortunately the market is full of alternatives to tape media. Cloud storage and remote backup is becoming an increasingly popular solution for business backup due to the security it provides. What if your premises were to be damaged in some way? With cloud backups, your data would be safely stored in an off-site location ready for you to access.

With such a good alternative, now is a good time for business to migrate away from tape backups. Although there are methods of tape recovery, the storage media is outdated and not as secure or durable as its modern counterparts.

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