Minimize Tape Archiving Cost

Save Money While Minimising Risk

If your organization is paying too much for data storage software maintenance license(s), then Ontrack can help cut your costs, whilst minimising risk.

This is achieved by allowing you access to old tapes in order to comply with legal obligations in relation to data management. Your archived data can remain on the legacy tape format and Ontrack can develop a custom tape restoration solution in the event that you need to obtain the data for any reason, including when the data restoration is time-critical.

Save Money When Minimizing Risk

Archive consolidation

Archive Consolidation

When undertaking a tape archive consolidation and migration project, Ontrack uses established processes and a project-based approach.

A successful consolidation project will generally begin with the following steps, however, based on your requirements these steps will evolve into a unique solution for your business:

  • in-depth analysis of your requirements and desired results
  • identification of existing data, systems and media
  • indexing and cataloguing of the existing backup data
  • data audit and data health check
  • data extraction
  • data de-duplication
  • data conversion and migration
  • replication of the backup system to the new target formats and media

Data Transformation

Are you faced with a challenging task of transferring different types of media to a standard system, making mainframe data on a PC readable, or the masking of sensitive, confidential information?

The experts at Ontrack can perform complex file transformations including:

  • consolidation of backup files in multiple formats to a standard format
  • copying database files from one technology platform to another
  • transfering files between systems with different specifications, such as mainframes, midrange, or PC systems
  • transmission of data files in the typical IBM EBCDIC code into an ASCII code

Even special tasks such as mass-masking confidential credit card information or many other tasks can be completed by our engineers for you.

Data Transformation

Disposal of Media

End-of-life Data Management:
Decommissioning and Disposal of Media

Cases in which confidential corporate data is ending up into the wrong hands are piling up.

Almost daily, the news prints headlines from spectacular cases where widely-known companies experience data exposure causing damage. Ontrack has several ways to assist in the secure, permanent deletion of data.

Here are some cases, where you should ensure secure deletion of your data:

  • Before the reuse of hardware
  • Disposal of old, end-of-life media
  • When consolidating image archives or tape libraries
  • By law required protection of personal data (customer or employee data)

Ontrack has several ways to assist in the secure, permanent deletion of data.


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