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Ontrack Specialists can audit, organise and index your tapes for easy access and identification.

Despite the potential implications of destroying archive data that is still within its legal retention period, accidents do occur. When finding poorly marked or unlabelled backup tapes it can be vital to determine the tape's contents prior to making any archive destruction decisions.

Ontrack can help mitigate the risk of destroying important records that should have been retained by providing archive auditing and indexing, and at the same time help reduce the costs associated with keeping archive tapes that still need to be retained.

Tape Audit Process And Consultation

The tape audit process can be adapted to suit your specific needs, but will include at least a consideration of the following:

  • Review of archive and backup media currently in place. Typically some of these are still supported and in working order while others are not.
  • Can all of the media be accessed using the current IT infrastructure? Not all IT departments can read, recover or migrate tapes predating the year 2000. It is important to know what storage technology you have in-house and to verify that staff have the skills and time required to access legacy data.
  • Does end-of-life data reside on the media? Maintaining permanent data availability is only one element of a successful IT infrastructure and strategy - secure end-of-life data destruction can make or break an organisation and it is vital that tape destruction is carried out in an effective manner to ensure that data contained on tape media is not accessed or available to unauthorised individuals.
  • Is the media physically healthy? It is important to periodically test the health of your tape archive to avoid discovering damaged tapes just at the time when you need to restore data.

Ontrack will perform a health check on your tapes and recover the data from any damaged media.

Content Catalogue Of Your Media

A Ontrack indexing and cataloguing audit will typically include:

  • A comprehensive electronic catalogue and listing of all stored data stored on each tape.
  • Data integrity reports: Full-text or metadata, unstructured data and e-mails, whether from Exchange, Lotus Notes or any other platform.
  • Support for all standard tape and media formats such as LTO or DLT tape libraries.
  • Media health testing including data and media degradation reports for ageing media with respect to age, expiration data and contamination.
  • Report of inconsistencies.


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