Microsoft Hyper-V Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Systems

With increasing development activity and product launches, Microsoft continues to grow as one of the world's leading providers of virtual platforms.

Common Causes of Virtual Data Loss

  • Careless implementation of virtual platforms.
  • Mismanagement of proprietary data.
  • NTFS corruption.
  • Traditional RAID and hardware failures.
  • Deleted or corrupt files contained within VHDs.

If you have experienced a Microsoft Hyper-V or virtual machine data loss, contact us immediately on +65 6296 5131 for a free consultation and an obligation-free quote. Our main priority is to assist you in preventing further irreparable data loss.

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Solid Solutions for Virtual Data Recovery

Our Ontrack Data Recovery engineers have developed industry leading Microsoft Hyper-V data recovery techniques to help manage our client's virtual data loss scenarios.

Our engineer's knowledge of the Microsoft Hyper-V file system and traditional recovery techniques combine to deliver a dynamic deep-dive NTFS and VHD host and guest OS level data recovery service.

Ontrack Data Recovery services can recover virtual data from the following situations:

  • Corrupt NTFS Volumes
  • Currupted Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
  • RAID or other hardware failures
  • Accidental data deletion

We can recover data from the following Microsoft Virtual Platforms:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Microsoft Virtual PC

If you are using VMware systems then read more about our VMware Data Recovery services. To request a free data loss consultation and recovery quote, please contact us on +65 6296 5131.