What is Data Recovery?

Put simply, data recovery is the process of retrieving computer data that, for any number of reasons, has become inaccessible using normal methods. Ontrack has the right tools and experience to solve your data loss problems.

No one in the data recovery business comes close to challenging Ontrack's leadership. It is by far the most technologically advanced company in the field. - Joe Sullivan, Securities Analyst, Dougherty Summit Securities

Don't assume that your data is unrecoverable; Ontrack provides the following data recovery services recovering lost data:

  • RDR® - Remote Data Recovery™ Service
    Using patented technology, Ontrack engineers perform lab-quality data recovery service right on your server, desktop, or laptop through a modem of Internet connection. Additionally, the connection is secured by using a proprietary communication protocol, encrypted packets, and safe facilities.
  • In-Lab Data Recovery Service
    Ship the damaged drive or storage device to an Ontrack lab and let our experienced engineers determine what is necessary to recover the data. Most standard data recovery jobs are completed in 3-5 days for the fastest turnaround time in the industry, and we return the data on the storage media of your choice.
  • EasyRecovery™ Professional Software
    EasyRecovery Professional provides and easy to use, do-it-yourself solution to meet data loss needs and restore valuable data. EasyRecovery Professional offers a complete solution for disk diagnostic, data recovery, and file repair needs.

Regardless of the Ontrack data recovery option that you chose, you can be sure that:

Ontrack Data Recovery software and data recovery services are complete and safe.

Our engineers pioneered the technology used in this field and continue to produce ground-breaking solutions. You can rest assured that your data is in the most competent hands.

Ontrack data recoveries return current data.

Although many people rely on backups following a data loss, the most recent backup may not be recent enough.

Ontrack Data Recovery software and data recovery services are fast.

Every second that passes following a data loss means time and money. Our data recovery specialists help you quickly determine which data recovery approach is the best for your situation.

Ontrack Data Recovery software and data recovery services are cost-efficient.

The expense in time, money and effort to recreate lost data can be overwhelmingto you or your company. We offer a full spectrum of options to meet your budget.