Data Loss in paradise

When Uprising Beach Resort in Fiji experienced a problem with their RAID configured server, they knew that they had to act quickly.

Ontrack Retrieves Lost Images for Brisbane Photographer

There’s no warning for equipment failure and you never anticipate losing your clients’ files.

Fujitsu Offers Hard Drive Erasure Services As Part Of Risk Management

Traditionally, companies have seen hard drive erasure as an IT issue and related decisions have been the concern of IT departments. However, we see proper data disposal more as a question of risk management than IT

Ontrack Successfully Recovers Data from iPhone 5

There were over 2500 memories that we never would have been able to re-create. We couldn’t have gotten them back without Ontrack.

Ontrack Reclaims Animation Tape for Christchurch Production Company After Earthquake

Within minutes water was coming up through the floor of Orly’s studios. We literally had over four inches of water suddenly appear. It looked like a CGI (computer generated image) project. It just appeared out of the ground.

Dealing With a Meltdown in Papua New Guinea

It was a fast, comparatively easy solution that saw Global Technologies recover 99.9 percent of its client’s Exchange data within two days. And it only took that long because of the sheer number of mail boxes and the size of the data store.