The Digital Era

How our life has changed into a digital one Data creation, data loss and its recovery over time

Decryption on the Fly

The longer a company is without its data, the greater the cost. Ontrack’s new automated decryption technology allows engineers to target only areas of the hard drive that have been used while also automating the decryption process – dramatically improving the typical industry recovery time from days to hours.

Can you trust your backups?

Conducting backups is essential to protect your critical data, but so is regular testing and maintenance of those backups. Backups are not fool proof, so including provision for data recovery in disaster recovery planning is also important.

Top 10 Data Disasters

We gathered the Top 10 list of Data Disasters of 2013 from around the globe. Our engineers recover data daily from the most incredible situations. Our Top 10 Data Disasters is only a sample of the recoveries completed in 2013.