Media Shipping Instructions

To increase the likelihood of a successful recovery of your data, please protect your media during shipment. Since drive components are extremely delicate, any jarring of the hardware can cause additional damage and make the recovery more difficult than necessary.

Shipping Tips

  1. The damaged media should be wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap, anti-static foam or an anti-static bag and placed in a box - we suggest a box twice the size of your media.
  2. The box should have enough room for both the media and some type of additional packing material that allows for NO movement. The box should also have sufficient barrier room around the inside edges to absorb impact during shipping.
  3. Ship multiple drives in separate boxes or make sure they are separated enough with packing material so there will be no contact.
  4. Include the completed Service Request and Technical Details Form in the shipment - be sure you mark your desired service level.
  5. Consider getting insurance on any hardware that has significant value.

Service Request Paperwork Tips
  1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Package the completed service request form along with payment for the evaluation fee (if payment method is to be paid by check) with your media. Place all documents inside the box. Completed paperwork will expedite the recovery of your data and avoids delays and wasted time you might not be able to afford.
  2. Service Order Number (Job #) - Including your service order number on your shipped package allows Ontrack’s receiving department to begin processing your drive in quick fashion. This will optimise turnaround time, especially during the evaluation phase.
  3. Payment Method - Ontrack® has secure processes in place to safeguard all of your information including payment details for your privacy and security. Please complete the payment method section of your paperwork necessary to begin the evaluation and recovery process.
  4. Service Level - It is important to include your desired service level so we recover your data in the time you need it. All jobs without service level indicated will default to standard service.
  5. Technology Sheet - Make sure that you complete the technology sheet of the service request form to the best of your knowledge. This will be critical to the evaluation and recovery process.
The service request form provided to you will automatically include the shipping address and label. To view all other locations visits Global Locations.