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Apr 26 2018

Ontrack presents new release of World Backup Day

Apr 11 2017

Kroll Ontrack offers ransomware victims alternative solutions to paying the ransom

Mar 30 2017

Survey: Users lose data despite backup

Feb 21 2017

Erased but not forgotten

Feb 9 2017

Kroll Ontrack Shares Data Loss Realities from 2016 Data Loss Index

Dec 12 2016

LDiscovery Completes Acquisition of Kroll Ontrack

Oct 25 2016

LDiscovery To Acquire Kroll Ontrack

Jul 15 2015

Kroll Ontrack achieves industry breakthrough by retrieving data from overwritten LTO-6 tape cartridges

Mar 28 2013

Kroll Ontrack survey reveals that while 60 percent of respondents utilize a backup solution, they still experienced data loss

Mar 21 2013

Mobile device data recoveries up 161 percent as mobile phones set to exceed world population by 2014

Dec 13 2012

Kroll Ontrack predicts data loss from mobile devices and solid state drives will continue to drive high demand

Nov 27 2012

2012 Top Ten List of Data Disasters Compiled by Kroll Ontrack

Sep 26 2012

Nearly 50% of organizations experienced e-mail & document data loss in past year

Sep 17 2012

Restoring data independent of their tape storage environment saves corporations significant time and costs associated with recovering, restoring and migrating tape data

Aug 14 2012

Cloud survey by Kroll Ontrack reveals a surge in cloud storage and virtualization adoption; shortage of proactive protocols to protect this data

Jul 24 2012

The ability to register, manage and complete jobs in one, easy-to-use interface.

Jun 26 2012

Eighty IT specialists will be hired in 2012 in the Kroll Ontrack Poland research and development center

Jun 13 2012

Ontrack EasyRecovery 10 features a completely new interface, Mac in addition to Windows versions, and a trial option to ensure recovery success prior to purchase

May 23 2012

New data recovery techniques address logical and operating system (OS) failures on personal Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

Feb 8 2012

Kroll Ontrack develops unique capabilities that dramatically improve data recovery from solid state media

Dec 14 2011

Kroll Ontrack announces ten data recovery stories you have to see to believe

Nov 30 2011

Kroll Ontrack meets market demand with enhanced recovery features

Nov 16 2011

Recent Kroll Ontrack survey reveals an inverse relationship between data loss risk perception and reality for one of the world’s most prominent business systems

Nov 1 2011

Kroll Ontrack warns Singaporean companies that delete does not always mean deleted

Sep 22 2011

Kroll Ontrack develops techniques to recover data from Dell EqualLogic systems

Aug 31 2011

Kroll Ontrack survey reveals solid state disks (SSD) and flash technology are reliable but not fool proof

Aug 11 2011

Kroll Ontrack offers free data loss prevention and response education with the launch of the First Responder Program

Jul 19 2011


Jul 19 2011


Jul 19 2011


Aug 14 2014

Ransomware: the next computer threat

Publication: | Technology | Opinion
Author: Adrian Briscoe
In the last couple of months discussion of the ransomware computer threat has catapulted out of the computer pages into mainstream news, and for good reasons.
Jul 30 2014

When your backup strategy fails

Publication: ITWire
Pro photographer Michael Leadbetter thought he had data protection under control. "After more than 12 years as a photographer, I know you can't afford to mess around.
Jul 25 2014

Hitting ‘delete’ doesn’t mean it’s gone

Publication: in Business Tech
Author: Adrian Briscoe
Formatting a drive remains one of the most common ways organisations try to erase data from drives, even though it doesn’t work.
Jul 17 2014

How to manage the end of financial year IT upgrade

Publication: in Hardware, Opinion, Technology
Were you one of those businesses that decided to upgrade your IT hardware before the end of the old financial year? In the process of upgrading phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, however, it’s important to make sure you don’t give your data away along with the old hardware.
Jul 15 2014

How Not To Lose Your Head When You Lose Your Data

Publication: / EMCVoice
An important step to take when choosing a data recovery provider is to ensure that the provider has the capacity to take on large and highly complex recovery jobs,” says Briscoe. “Proprietary tools are necessary to restore data from virtual environments.”
Jul 2 2014

Why data backup isn’t as reliable as you think

Publication: Tech Page One / Dell
Companies neglect to test systems, relying on software or degraded storage that can crash. In a survey of  more than 1,000 customers by global data recovery company Kroll Ontrack, 66 percent said their last data loss was caused by hardware failure, whether hard drive, solid state drive (SSD) or RAID [Redundant Array of Independent Disks — a mirroring system for multiple drives] environment.
Jun 17 2014

HDD crashes most common cause of data loss

Publication: Technology Decisions
Hard disk drive (HDD) crashes are still the most common cause of data loss in Australia, according to research from data recovery vendor Kroll Ontrack Read more
Jun 16 2014

Ontrack PowerControls 7.2 provides comprehensive search and restoration support

Publication: The Rust Report
Kroll Ontrack has announced the availability of Ontrack PowerControls version 7.2. Adding support for StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer, in addition to Metalogix StoragePoint and FileStream, Ontrack PowerControls is a comprehensive tool for accessing, searching and restoring externalised Microsoft SharePoint 2013 data.
Jun 12 2014

Your Hard Drive Is Still The Main Cause Of Data Loss

Publication: Lifehacker Australia
A global survey by data recovery company Kroll Ontrack highlighted that hard drive crashes and hardware failures remain the most common source of data loss. The infographic below sums up the numbers.
Jun 12 2014

Kroll Ontrack releases new statistics regarding data loss causes and the impact to businesses and home users

Publication: Australian Security Magazine
When asked about the causes of their most recent data losses, 65 percent of Australians surveyed noted that their most recent data loss came from a desktop or laptop hard drive, followed by SSD (16 percent), tablet/smart phone (12 percent) and RAID/virtual services (7 percent), showing that data loss impacts every type of storage from the consumer grade up to the enterprise level.
May 23 2014

The death of recordkeeping

Publication: Image and Data Manager
2014 survey by Kroll Ontrack, a provider of data recovery and ediscovery tools, found 36 percent of its Ontrack Data Recovery customers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific experienced a personal data loss. Of these 35 percent did not have a backup solution at the time of loss.
Apr 14 2014

Kroll Ontrack to resell data erasure solutions across ANZ

Kroll Ontrack will now offer Blancco’s marketing suite of erasure software to corporations, refurbishing companies and government entities.
Apr 11 2014

Kroll Ontrack picks up Blancco across A/NZ

Publication: Australian Reseller News
Kroll Ontrack has partnered with data erasure company Blancco to resell the company's solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
Mar 31 2014

Australians lag world in backup, still losing data

March 31 is World Backup Day; do you know where your data is? If you're among the majority of Australian companies, the answer is probably 'no'. A Kroll Ontrack survey suggests that only half of Australians have a backup solution in place.
Jan 4 2014

Businesses losing data even with back-up measures in place

Publication: The Australian
New research has found that more businesses across the world are taking measures to back up their data but are falling victim to common pitfalls that result in losing important data.

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