Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium

Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium is a paid for annual recovery service for data loss emergencies. You only incur additional cost when and if you choose our services. By signing up to Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium you make sure you get the best service in Singapore when it really counts. In addition you will reveive free evaluations, 24/7 emergency service and other free data management services. Check the benefits of the free service here.

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24/7 support line

Call our support line when you face a data loss emergency. Talk directly to our data recovery engineers and let them guide you to the best possible outcome. Your first response and actions will determine the success rate of any data recovery. Call +65 6296 5131 now.


We will offer a free evaluation of your media and provide a detailed reporting of recoverable files with a Verifile Diagnostic Report. Our specialists will arrange the logistics and preparations for an evaluation.

Support Response

We will offer a 24 hour emergency response time and will deal with your logical failures within 2 hours. In case of mechanical failure we offer a 24 hour pick up service to make sure your data reaches our clean room as quickly as possible. Please refer to our service options.

First Responder training

Your first response to a data emergency or data loss determines the success rate of data recovery. We offer 4 of your IT staff an online training on common data loss scenarios and cover advanced subjects like RAID, data loss in virtual environments and data erasing. Contact us for more details and in house training opportunities.

Data Destruction

Certified data destruction is part of the premium service. Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium includes data destruction for 50 media by means of software erasure or degaussing (certificate and disposal included).

Annual back up media audit

Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium includes a backup media audit. The backup media audit allows you to annually test data accessibility on 3 sample backup media like single drives and tape media. The purpose of the backup media audit is to assess the health of your data archive and make sure all your company data is accessible and media devices are in good condition. Contact usfor more details.

Data Recovery services and software discounts

Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium entitles you to a 20 percent discount on all data recovery services and Kroll Ontrack software products. This includes: Ontrack EasyRecovery, Ontrack PowerControls and Ontrack Eraser Software.

Subscription Fee

The annual fee for Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Premium is SGD 6500. Our terms and conditions apply to any services used.

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